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Many dream of singing, few do it.


Why? Your own voice is one of the most personal things you have! It reveals the self-image, the mood, whether one is healthy or sick.

Many of my students struggled with the problem of seemingly small vocal ranges and squashed high notes. Others came to me because they wanted to sing louder and others because they weren't comfortable with the top register but liked singing in a choir.

Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka
Voice Coach

Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka is an opera singer, actress and vocal coach for bel canto technique, jazz singing, chansons and speaking technique.

She studied in Berlin, Cologne, Vienna and Hamm. 

Until she found her technique, she walked a rocky path from coach to coach. According to the proverb: "The master has already made more mistakes than the student has ever tried", she has gained a lot of experience, which she has passed on to her students for several years and helps with singing and speaking problems.

Would you also like to benefit from their experience?

In singing lessons you will learn:

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How often do you have to come to singing lessons?

  • Basically, at least once a week makes sense!

  • for those aiming for faster results or a professional career, 2-3 times a week would be advisable for the first two years.


Do I always have to come to the singing teacher or are the lessons also online?

The beginning would be better offline. The technology is now so advanced that you can also start online. It would be important to come offline from time to time, if possible.


What's the problem with bad habits?

Studies have shown that it takes 7000 repetitions to break a bad habit. 

However, it only takes 1000 repetitions to learn a proper habit. 

Bad habits mean that you cannot sing as well as you could. 


Is it advisable to come to singing lessons if I can't even practice on my own?

Yes! Experience has shown that it takes at least a year to create an exercise routine for yourself. That's perfectly normal. The reason for this: You have to learn to incorporate it into everyday life!

In the beginning, it's not bad if you don't practice on your own, because that way you don't train yourself into wrong habits. Over time, singing becomes second nature!


Can I record the singing lessons?

Yes! I even recommend it!


How long will it take to master the technique?

That depends on what's already there. In itself, it takes serious beginners 3-5 years. This is because the body needs time to get used to it, the excessive routine has to be developed, setbacks can occur due to illness or other life events.


If I record the singing lessons, do I have to come to the singing lessons weekly?

It all depends on your individual goal. If you want to make quick progress, it is advisable to come weekly, otherwise it is easy to develop bad habits, especially at the beginning. In the beginning you are less strict with yourself than the teacher. 

What are the next steps?

1. Sign up for the first free meeting an. There we will discuss your goals and create an individual timetable for you.

2. After we have agreed on the first singing lesson, whether offline or online, I test what is there so far.

3. Then we meet regularly and first work on the breathing and build on this foundation your singing voice and, if desired, your speaking voice.

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