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Fidelio - Daring to Love

"Fidelio - Daring to Love" has the opera Fidelio told from the point of view of Marzelline and Jaquino. They tell their love story and in this story they memorialise Leonore and Florestan, as their role model. There is no shortage of banter and humour to counter the dramatic climax of the opera with Fidelio's, actually Leonore's, great venture into love with some lightness.

With this production, the cultural association "A Lyrical Singers Life", under the direction of Barbara Marie-Louise Pavelka, also pays tribute to all the women who in all times of human history have mustered the courage - and still do today - to search for their husbands who fell into captivity for political reasons and to free them from it with cunning. One such woman was her grandmother.

The content

After a beautiful summer with Jaquino, Marzelline meets Fidelio,

with whom she falls in love. Therefore Jaquino was no longer

interesting to her. It turns out, however, that Fidelio is really

Leonore, who is only in love with her husband Florestan, whom she is looking for in the

in the prison where Marcelline's father Rocco works as a guard. Thus begins the heroic story of Fidelio, or rather Leonore.

Leonore, how she frees her great love Florestan, and how the confused

confused Marzelline returns to her Jaquino after all.

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